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New Yorker is a leading enterprise in the sector of youth fashion in Europe. Since the opening of its first branch in Flensburg in northern Germany in 1971, New Yorker has been continuously developing. Currently, New Yorker has over 900 branches in more than 30 countries.

The company’s offer consists entirely of its own labels, such as:

Fishbone and Fishbone Sister – these are brands which appeal to young people who want to enhance their personality through Streetwear style. Fishbone fascinates with its sporty, colourful and comfortable clothes for young men, whereas Fishbone Sister offers the line that on the one hand features sport design and on the other on design emphasizing the beauty of the female body.

Amisu and Smog - Amisu is a collection aimed at woman who are aware of the latest trends and who like to distinguish themselves through feminine and stylish clothes. On the other hand, Smog proposes both elegance and elements of Streetwear style to men. It stands out for its simple and fashionable cut preferred by men. Casual jeans-style and fashion are characteristics of the Amis and Smog collections.

Censored – among the elements of this brand one should certainly mention romantic bras, seductive corselets and airy undershirts as well as sport hipsters.

Swimwear – a line of swimming dresses complemented by a rich array of accessories such as pearls, sequins or shiny stones.

Accessories – a wide array of various accessories to go with each dress.

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