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Bali Cafe & Dim Sum House is an exceptional formula of oriental café enriched in the delicacies of Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. Its name contains its best delicacy – Dim Sum dumplings.

What one can try here? First of all, the exotic Balinese cuisine, but also oriental coffee and tea, elaborate drinks, wine, Asian beer and healthy vegetable-fruit cocktails.

The flagship restaurant dish is the popular in southern-eastern Asia Dim Sum dumplings. They are steamed or fried in coconut oil and served in a bamboo basket.  They are prepared by native Balinese cooks from original Asian components, stuffed with seafood, vegetables and meat.

The appearance of the restaurant also testifies to its exceptional character: it has the shape of a glassed rotunda. Glass, wood and aluminium were used as the major construction materials, which give the effect of lightness to the rotunda.

The bar is placed in the middle of the restaurant around which comfortable armchairs and seats are set. While delighting in the exquisite dishes of the Indonesian and Balinese cuisine, one can simultaneously take a look on the centre from a new perspective. The protruding balcony allows one to watch events organized under the fountain.

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