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Playing with the WOŚP and the MDK Ochota!
FROM 14.01
TO 14.01

On Sunday 14 January, our stage will treat you to loads of attractions: concerts, singing, dancing and auctions; in short, the kind of fun only ever delivered by a GOCC finale. Come by and lend your support to the world's greatest orchestra and let us paint the town red together! Expect performances by many rising and shining stars, such as Beata Jankowska-Tzimas, the Sienna Gospel Choir, the Circus group and Izabela Trojanowska. All proceeds from the auction, obviously, will go to the GOCC – this year we are raising money to help new-born babies!

Sundary, 14 January: the Blue City will vibrate with the best energy released by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and You!