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  • Inca Play
Inca Play

INCA PLAY – an indoor playground.

Inca Play playground will transfer all children from 1 to 11 years old into the mysterious world of pirates, 
princesses and many other fabulous characters.

Your children will be able to cross a maze of obstacles, swim in a pirate ship, and shake in the devil’s mill 
or use a diving tower where they will feel like in an amusement park.

In the baby zone we have additional attractions for children under 5, i.e.: interactive house for kids, rides,
swings, slides and bumper cars.

Older adventurers will also find something for themselves in our video arcade games area.



Inca Play is mostly known for the organising birthday parties with a ready menu and attractions. 
Birthday party is a great event for your child. Children can play in the knight's hall and in the same 
time fairy tale we sail on the pirate ship, relax under a palm and discover a mysterious jungle. 
To satisfy all children's desires Inca Play created new birthday room where children can play 
circus and they will be able to watch they favourite fairy tales in a movie theatre. We will transfer 
all  guests into a world of fantasy and dreams which will be a memorable experience  for long years.

Tuesday - Thursday - 25 zł / person
Friday - Sunday - 40 zł/ person

  • unlimited play time in Inca Play
  • Coordinator
  • gift for the Birthday Kid
  • birthday room with decorations and white tableware invitations

* The minimum number of participants- 8 children

Tuesday - Thursday - 510 zł
Friday - Sunday - 630 zł

  • unlimited play time in Inca Play
  • Coordinator
  • in package price: drinks, champagne, snacks, candies, jellies, cakes, crisps 

Delicacies and a  birthday cake from Inca Play

  • gift for the Birthday Kid
  • birthday room with decorations and single, white tableware
  • invitations

** The maximum number of children in a busy package: 12,
each additional child is calculated according to the STANDARD package 


  • Birthday party room (2h) - 100 zł
  • Birthday kart - 220 zł (children's package includes racing on the kart track which is located on level 3)
  • Birthday With ATA EVENT RACE - 250 zł (games using  remote-controlled models on the Ata-track, level 3)
  • Birthday Clown from 300 zł (40 min. Fun with the witty clown - mime)
  • Birthday in LUCID PLAY ZONE - 200 zł (two hours of fun with the XBOX)

Laughter, positive emotions, dancing, and fun are the elements that accompany our events for the kids. We have organised dozens of events for children and parents with many attractions.

We know how to create a successful event. We care about details.


Our playground is the best place for an unforgettable holiday meetings,
carnival events as well as St Andrew's Night and many others.

  • Father Christmas Events– we do it for both children and adults, of course, with different scenarios and attractions for each group.
  • Fortune telling on  St. Andrew’s Night – we organize everything that is associated with  this unique evening from fortune-telling to fun dance competitions.
  • Carnival is the time that kids love. They can dress as one of their favourite charac-ters and celebrate their carnival party with the guidance of animators.
  • Children's Day-we organize competitions with prizes and countless attractions to make the greatest day of the year for children.

We are ready for challenges and we can easily adjust to all your requirements.



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