Tested by families

Blue City is a unique place. Amongst Warsaw’s shopping centres it is highly distinctive thanks to the number and quality of the attractions targetted at the young. This is why it is visited so eagerly by families with children. Here we can find amongst many other things one of the biggest inside childrens play areas in Warsaw – Inca Play which also offers educational, manual dexterity and sporting fun and games as well as 6 themed birthday rooms. Blue City is famous for its events, which to a large extent are dedicated to children. With families in mind, there are many convenient features which mean that time spent in Blue City is even more comfortable.


Egurrola dance kids szkoła tańca dla dzieci

Inca play

Time machine minigolf


Kraina futbolu

Mivo kids


United colors of benetton

Toys r us

Team exit



Pijalnia czekolady wedel




Getting here

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