The selection of tenants is one of the most important criteria determining a shopping centre’s success. At Blue City we hand-pick our tenants to meet the diverse needs of our regular customers and to appeal to potential clientele. We make sure that companies opening their showrooms in the centre offer top brands and we strive to attract new, promising projects that debut on the Polish market.


Thanks to the wide passageways and a large common area, we are able to supplement our commercial offer with new kiosks and promotional stands.


There are around 70 special events yearly in Blue City, some of them are commercial and promotional actions. There is a perfect event court to rent in the heart of the centre.


Customers interested in leasing opportunities, can seek professional assistance from our competent and friendly Lease Department staff, ready to provide each of our partners with the best advice.


For information on permanent or temporary lease of commercial space, please contact:


Anna Gut, anna.gut@bluecity.pl, ph.: + 48 22 311 70 21


For information on permanent lease of commercial space on food court, please contact:


Anna Awłasewicz, anna.awlasewicz@bluecity.pl, ph.: +48 22 311 70 05


To enquire about advertisement opportunities and promotional actions, please contact:


Ida Wrona, ida.wrona@bluecity.pl, ph.: 22 311 70 13


For information on fairs and exhibitions, please contact:

Jerzy Hanusz, jerzy.hanusz@bluecity.pl, ph.:: 602 770 068