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Vipera Cosmetics

VIPERA COSMETICS started its business in 1987. With almost thirty years of experience and a diverse worldwide partner base, Vipera is dedicated in providing excellent products to companies aiming at establishing partnerships globally.


The prominent Vipera Cosmetics Booths concept forms part of an astute business model that enables the promoters to offer world class products at a very reasonable retail price to customers. Simultaneously Vipera offers a “shop-in-shop” concept as well as distribution through multi-branded stores, supermarkets, beauty shops and drugstores including franchising system.


The winning combination of excellent quality, vast product range and value for money has allowed Vipera Cosmetics to capture a loyal customer base. Following a successful growth, Vipera extended its reach for the territories of European, South American, Asian and African countries. The firm works with a range of exclusive distributors. So far, the Vipera products are available in 30 countries around the globe. In 2010, Vipera embarked on an aggressive global expansion drive under the umbrella of Vip Ventures. 


Vipera operates and specializes in manufacturing high quality decorative cosmetic products: lipsticks, lip glosses, concealers and foundations, variety of eye shadows, pressed and loose powders, blushes, mascaras, lip and eye pencils, excellent nail polishes and nail conditioners, nail polish removers, series of products for make-up removal and a natural and also safe, beautifully looking cosmetics for girls above the age of three.
In 2015 the company introduced the pharmacy Program VIPERA COS-MEDICA with effective products that provide effective care for the condition and beauty of the skin with acne, atopic, dry and mature types of skin. Recover your face! – this is the mission and goal of specialized VIPERA COS-MEDICA dermo-cosmetics. Apart from treatment benefits, COS-MEDICA offers beautifying and safe makeup and skin camouflage products for problem skin with acne. 
The mission and target of our product lines is to be able to provide fashionable, often organic cosmetics for people who are seeking a healthier alternative to conventional solutions:  "Manufacture of glamorous cosmetics which effectively protect and take care of the skin - highlighting the beauty, adding grace and style to the ladies of all ages."


Production processes at VIPERA COSMETICS comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Vipera Cosmetics Company has confirmed its professionalism and implementation of high standards in the production process – from materials and components procurement through manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storing to distribution of finished products.


Through an extensive and continuous developing network of the selected partners worldwide, Vipera is a fast-growing company in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and North Africa.


The company’s success is based on the quality of merchandise and its ability to match the needs of the market. The highly qualified team of employees at Vipera Cosmetics consistently carries out its keynote and principle: The Highest standard of quality is our Clients satisfaction


Our vision is to be the leading Decorative Cosmetics Company worldwide, offering superior quality products to our partners while helping them build a sustainable and profitable business operation. Great work can only come from great partnerships.


A full selection of VIPERA COSMETICS products is available at:


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